Geek Local Week Increases My Confidence in Coding

Nobody wants to be called a Geek rather everyone wants to be cool, but Geeks for geeks have changed this fact they organize cool events, events which make you learn something in one way or another.

One such event is Geeks week local, this is an online week-long event with ample tiring but at the same time fun daily as well as week-tasks. During the event, I learned a lot of new things in programming and some cool daily life hacks too. You may wonder that it may be some coding event with all serious stuff but that was not the case here. We even played cool games, I was not even aware of some of them like scribble, among us, etc. The fun doesn’t end here I made my accounts on some professional platforms like Twitter and linked in, and even my first article on the medium was written because of this event.

Now for the coding part, I learned about different programming languages and explored different platforms for programming like Github, Commudle, Dev, Codingninjas, and many more.

The event was not only limited to learning it was also about exploring new stuff and new friends. I met many friends and seniors, who helped me in completing my tasks as well as learned a lot from them too. So, personally speaking, it was an amazing experience and it was worth participating in.

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